Thursday, March 6, 2014

Topsy Turvy

Stuff is everywhere right now.  The crafting "room" has been dismantled.  The piles are separated (to sell, to give away, to ship slowly, to ship quickly).  Only 1 1/2 weeks until movers come!  That means I only have my WIP pile to keep me occupied; not that I have that much time to knit right now, anyhow.
Time is being spent on the never ending job of sorting all my worldly possessions, planning an epic going away party, shopping for a new home back home and finishing up work projects so that my successor doesn't have a bunch of guessing to do.
So, the things that have been getting most attention lately are:
The Princess Franklin cowl, which is knit but made to look woven by stringing through yarn once the knitting is done.  This is compact and easy to knit on the go.
A new Spiral Light Baby blanket in three shades of WM sock.  If I acquire another skein of the Schwammerl colorway this weekend I can supersize this one.
Despite the ease of these two patterns, I have probably knit only a row or two in the past week.  The rest of life just keeps interfering.  I think things will calm down once I get the movers out of here.  Terry will go back to NM early, so that will leave me in Vienna to tie up loose ends and just hang out.  There won't be much to stress over or worry about at that point == good knitting time!
Happy stitching everyone.  You'd think I could finish one thing before leaving Austria, but, we'll just have to see about that.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Quick Update

I have been pretty monogamous with my Ravellenics sweater, but life's tasks have gotten a bit in the way this week, too.  Still, I've got a front and about half of the sleeves, so there is still some hope for a finish by Sunday.
Until the weekend, happy knitting.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Let the games begin

I have stopped work on all WIP's to undertake my Ravellenic games project of insanity!  The plan was to knit this Drops sweater for DH.  I bought this lovely sweater lot of WM DK on my fall Pfaffenhofen shopping spree:
I got a cold at the end of last week, which allowed me to swatch and then cast on exactly at the opening ceremony of the Sochi games.  I'm not watching any of the games because I can't wrap my head around supporting Putin and his regime, but I am very competitive in my knitting games.
After a weekend on the couch trying to get rid of this bug, I have this to show!
The front of the sweater is nearly complete.  I have about 1.5 of the cable repeats to do before I do the final neckline shaping.  This sweater is knit as a front, back and two sleeves which are then seamed.  After all is put together, there is a final collar added on by picking up stitches on the neckline.  I am hopeful that I will be able to finish by the time the games are complete.  Tonight, the plan is to finish off the front and cast on the sleeves two at a time to work on all week.

Happy knitting.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Wow, has it really been that long?

I guess I have been busy knitting.  :-)
I have attacked the scrap bins with vigor, for sure.  So, today I simply offer up an FO parade and the current state of the scrap bins.

This couple of weeks was made for finishing things up.  The weather in Vienna has been cold, and the perfect place to be is on the couch with some knitting.
Isn't this mess looking better?  The stack on the left are FO's from these baskets, the baskets may become a singular basket soon!
I have a few more WIP's out of these and plenty of plans for the upcoming Ravellenics and an event in one of my groups called the Mad Dash.  With any luck, this push will eliminate much of the bits and bobs that need to be moved!  Since this post was so picture heavy, I'll give you a run down of the WIP's a bit later.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Boring Knitting

In an effort to work down some scraps, I've almost exclusively been working on a scrap blanket.  This makes for really boring knitting to show you.  Still, between that blanket and another that just needs it's border (yarn should be here this week), I should end up with some pretty impressive totals for the month.
Sorry to be so boring!  I've got 22 squares, and probably enough to make a 30 square (5x6) blanket.  With some more work this week, I should have a blanket soon!
Here are the scrap baskets of doom, and my focus until the move (and probably during and after the move, too).  The squares are on the right, you can just about see the stack of squares behind the ziploc full of more yarn for that project.  I got all the sock scraps separated for Vivid squares in the big ziploc on the left.  There are plenty of yarns to choose from here.  As soon as the blanket is done, I'll start assigning them all to projects and working my way through them.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

WIP Wednesday -- A new hat

Well, my knitting mojo is slowing down but not gone.  I've made some progress on scrapping down and have myself fairly organized now.  I am using the leftovers from the sweater I recently knit to make a matching hat.

That is about all that's going on here for now.  Hopefully more for you later this week.  Happy stitching everyone.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome to 2014!!

Another year has come and gone.  On the knitting front, things were pretty good.  I didn't knit as much as previous years because I added to my list of hobbies, but I feel pretty good about what was accomplished.  I knit up 6.4 miles of yarn and spun 1.3 miles.
I've got pristine stash of about 32 miles in stash.  That means over 5 years worth at that pace.  I'm okay with that, generally, I just don't want much more.  I have 10 miles more just sitting in WIPs and the scrap bin, and that will be my main effort early in the year before the big move home.  Some are very close to a finish, so I think I may be able to get close to using it all by April.
Enough of the boring numbers talk, let me show you what I did New Year's Eve/Day?
I pulled out the leftovers from my Color Affection Shawl and used practically every inch to make this baby set.
The hat is called Baby Beanie by Ulli Shibuya, and the booties are the Saartje's bootees, a great little pattern that I have used many times.  Both are newborn size.  I held the laceweight double and knit the booties on a 2.5 mm and the hat on a 3.5 mm.  I am in love with this little set!  Since it is muskox and needs special care I guess I will have to wait for a knitting buddy to announce a birth to gift these.

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season and I am looking forward to lots of new makes in 2014!